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112 arrested and accused: a message is sent

10 years ago, Freedom Firm celebrated its first rescue in Ganga Jamuna. For years our staff strove to ignite police force to rescue children in their red-light area. With many breakthroughs along the way, today police act on our information. On December 10th, they initiated a massive raid in response to our surveillance information. They arrested a total of 112* brothel keepers, pimps, landlords and traffickers.

This narrow alley is flanked by dozens of brothels
"The police action was directed towards breaking the trafficking network....Rescuing minors and busting the traffickers rackets were more important than anything else."

- DCP Lohit Matani, a senior police official responsible for the mass raid

Times of India, December 11, 2020

(*There is discrepancy between this Times of India article and the First Information Reports filed in the police station. Freedom Firm aligns with the police reports.)

Minors now safe in a government shelter home

  • Freedom Firm investigators identified minors (newly trafficked victims) in 5 brothels

  • On December 10th, the police and Freedom Firm raided all 5 brothels.

  • They rescued all targeted 8 minors and 4 majors (left)

  • They arrested a total of 112 brothel keepers, pimps, landlords and traffickers. All are in jail currently, except 9 men who are absconding.

  • The customers are booked under POSCO* and 5 First Information Reports were filed. Each report has multiple people accused.

Customers, brothel keepers, pimps, traffickers, and landlords wait for for charges to be filed.

While Freedom Firm never deliberately plans a mass raid since it typically overloads the local government agencies, we are grateful for the many perpetrators who are now behind bars. This is prevention. This is deterrence. The message goes out, loud and clear that those who traffic in children will be punished.

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