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Uncles who sell their nieces

Nisha* was tricked by her uncle into believing that he would get her a good job. He took her to the railway station where they met a couple of people for lunch. The food must have been drugged because Nisha recalls being disoriented after eating and unable to protest or do anything except follow them to the train.

She journeyed for 2 days to Pune and her uncle took her to a "friend's" house where

she stayed for a day. They bought her clothes and then took her to an old building and told her that this was where she would be living. Her uncle told her to wait there a while and that he would come and get her, but he never came back. She learned from the other girls that the place she was in a brothel. The brothel-keeper informed her that her uncle and the others who left her there had sold her and that she would have to work until she could repay the amount she had cost, plus interest.

She was kept there for a year and a half until Freedom Firm did a raid and rescued her. She was taken to a shelter home for almost 2 years until she was sent home after turning 18. Today she is 20 years old and working at Ruhamah Designs. She is a calm, mature, and dependable young lady and is doing well at the workshop.

*name changed to protect identity


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