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A Team Effort: NGOs partner with Freedom Firm and Police to Save Diksha

15th March

A Freedom Firm partner in Bangladesh alerted us about a girl named Diksha, a Bangladeshi trafficked to India on the pretext of a job offer. She disappeared in February, and her husband could find no trace. Using a friend’s phone, Diksha finally had an opportunity to call her husband in Bangladesh to let him know where she was and that she needed help.


It took the Freedom Firm team 7 weeks to find Diksha in a slum in Mumbai. Our staff discovered that she was forced into prostitution in February. On May 17th we told the police her whereabouts. Another partnering NGO assisted with the raid and rescued Diksha! The police recorded her statement and filed a criminal complaint.

Our social worker is assisting the police during this time and counseling Diksha. She will be sent to a government shelter home for rehabilitation soon, and then repatriated to Bangladesh to rejoin her husband. Our thoughts are with Diksha as she recovers from this horrific ordeal.


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