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Stories of how horse therapy helps

Lalita's story

Lalita came to work at Ruhamah Designs in August 2013. She joined the Leg Up horse therapy program as a volunteer assisting differently-abled children. At first, Lalita was afraid of horses but gradually grew in confidence the more she participated. She once said, “I am happy to be involved in this program because it gives me an opportunity to help differently-abled children. I am encouraged by the children’s improvement over the years.” She is content in knowing that she contributes each week to rehabilitating others and said “because I help children today, I am certain that I will be helped in one way or another in the future.”

Raji's story

‘I love children a lot, I am ready to do anything for them," Raji claimed. An incident proved her words genuine. She was walking beside a horse, supporting the child who was riding. A friend walked on the other side of the horse to further ensure the child's safety. Suddenly, the horse was provoked and it shook the child off its back. The friend ducked out of the way but Raji stood strong and caught the child safely in her arms.

She once said, “I forget my own hurt when I assist the children. It gives me self-respect and joy." Raji is HIV+ and is concerned about her health. “I understand that there are more individuals in the world needier than me - some aren’t able to use their hands, some their feet, so it makes me happy to serve these children.” Raji loves Shadow (a therapy horse), the dogs, and the cat. She also enjoys carrying the children up the long drive from their vehicle to the riding ring. She has volunteered for the Leg Up program for over 5 months now.


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