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Shanti rescued TWICE

On November 19th, our team partnered with the police to raid two brothels in a red light area in a suburb of Mumbai. We rescued Shanti (a minor) and one major (a Bangladeshi victim and her young daughter). The police arrested one brothel keeper.

They were all taken to the Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) office. The police officer in charge refused to file a criminal report. We explained the relevant trafficking laws and the urgent need to transfer the victims to a shelter home for their safety. He ignored our requests and refused to comply with the law. 

Instead of putting the brothel keeper in jail, the police officer released her. 

Worst of all, he sent the 2 victims and the little daughter back to the brothel.

With the guidance of several lawyers, we filed official complaints with the Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights and the four top Police Commissioners in the district.

On November 22nd, we verified that Shanti was back in the brothel.

Thankfully the story does not end here! In response to the complaints we filed, the uncooperative officer contacted the Child Welfare Committee and a public prosecutor. Both legal counsels told him he made a grave mistake.

The officer informed us they were preparing to raid the brothel again to rescue Shanti.  He wanted to make it right.  

On November 23rd, the police rescued, for the second time, the same minor who was returned to the brothel.

Sadly, the police were not able to track the Bangladeshi victim and her daughter. We will continue to search for her and her daughter. Shanti is now safe at the shelter home. As soon as we receive permission from the Child Welfare Committee, our social workers will connect with her for counseling and follow-up care.


Thanks to our partners, Shanti was rescued two times from the brothel. Your donation will enable our team to search tirelessly for the woman and daughter who are still missing. Will you join us?


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