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Scarred but not Broken

Arti’s* story is heart-breaking. She had been in prostitution from a very young age but had left the trade after marrying one of her customers. One day, angered by gossip he overheard, her husband threw hot oil on her, scaring her face and arms. She eventually left him and returned to prostitution.

She was rescued by an anti-sex trafficking organization in Mumbai when she was still a minor.

Since her rescue, she has been in and out of various shelter homes because of mental health

problems. We believe that Ruhamah is the only option for her to truly heal from the physical and emotional abuse she has suffered in the past.

Arti told us how she was never happy before, but that since joining Ruhamah, she can see that she has changed a lot and is able to control her anger. Thanks to our aftercare program, our social workers regularly meet her to provide counseling and to meet other needs and are helping her rebuild her life. She also attends a local church and the pastor of the church, along with his wife, has become like family to her.

Although she still struggles a lot with her past, she tries to focus on her work. She wants to improve her jewelry-making skills, grow in the organization, and eventually become independent. She hopes one day to even train other rescued girls in jewelry-making so that they will have the same opportunity that she has.


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