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Ruhamah Work-From-Home Program

Many of our rescued girls' ultimate goal is to get married, have children, and become a vital part of their community. Ruhamah Designs has launched a work-from-home option that is available in three of the production units: Ooty, Pune, and Kolkata. Right now, the program is being piloted in Pune, where girls who have been a part of the workshop for many years are now in situations where they cannot physically be on the workshop premises. Rebecca (Karishma), Asha (of Horse and Rider), and Reha (Ooty Aftercare from 2006-2008) all have new circumstances that have significantly changed their lives. Rebecca has recently married and moved to Sangli, Asha has a new baby girl, and Reha is well advanced in HIV and has two young children. All of these women are highly skilled artisans and have worked with Ruhamah for several years. All of these women want to continue to work for Ruhamah Designs. So, to meet the ever-changing needs of the girls, Ruhamah Designs has created the work from home option.

In operation since January 2014, the program appears to be successful. Girls visit the workshop once a month to receive production expectations, the design, and the materials. All are carefully counted, documented, and dispersed to each woman. A month later, she returns with the finished products and receives her wages based on quality and number of products.

This is a program we believe will grow exponentially as girls enter their final stages of 'rehabilitation' and return to normal life and normal community. Ruhamah Designs ensures that as long as they work with quality and excellence, they can continue to be employed. We expect many girls from West Bengal to eventually avail of the program since their home villages are remote and long distances from the production unit. Ultimately, the success of the program will depend on good training, management, trust, and a healthy relationship with Freedom Firm staff.


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