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Perseverance leads to rescue!

On Tuesday, March 9th around 3:30 pm, our team rescued Kamini and Pushpa (minors) and Unita (25 years old). It was far from an easy rescue....

Outside the brothel in Wani

Kamini, Pushpa and Unita were rescued from a brothel in Wani.

Wani is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, about 80 miles from Freedom Firm's regional office in Nagpur.

Kamini seated with a female police officer in civilian attire

Since August 2020, Freedom Firm has been following Kamini.

Even though Covid spread like wildfire and the area was in lockdown, minors were still being sexually exploited. We tried to rescue Kamini in September 2020, but the brothel received a tip off. Our rescue attempt failed and Kamini vanished.

We first heard about Pushpa in January. We tried to rescue her twice without success. Despite good planning and coordination with the Anti Human Trafficking Unit, our team arrived at a deserted brothel during the first two rescue attempts. No doubt someone tipped off the brothel keepers in advance.

On March 9, 2021 we were successful and rescued both these minor girls along with Unita, who was forced into prostitution and wanted to get out. The girls were peaceful and calm after their rescue.

Freedom Firm staff (left) with Pushpa (right) in the police station

The First Information Reports (FIR) were filed after rescue. The next day, the girls were taken for their medical tests. The only time we saw slight tension in the rescued girls is when they were admitted in a government shelter home. They will remain in the home for three days until they receive the results of their ossification test. Ossification tests are often used in India to determine age by examining bone formation. Their ossification test results will also help in recording their statements in court.

Our social workers continue to spend time with the rescued girls, giving them emotional support and making sure their physical needs are met. The brothel keepers, Janavi (35 years) and Sakubai (50 years), were arrested and our legal team will pursue the prosecution of the perpetrators.

One of the brothel keepers seated on the left as Freedom Firm staff (in blue) talks with Pushpa and Unita (seated to the right)
Brothel room

Learn about Unita's Restoration Journey HERE

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Great work! Praying for these ladies, and that justice will be served on the slavers.

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