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Leg Up: A Year of Improvement

For years I've been longing for good infrastructure for Leg Up. Freedom Firm partners

gave generous grants and we were able to tackle two projects this year.

Leveling the Riding Ring

Six years ago, when Greg spent nine days with a backhoe to cut out a riding ring from a 45

degree hill, our riding ring was not level. It was three feet higher on one end of the riding

ring. The ring was rocky, rough, and fairly inhospitable. The project this year took over 3

months to complete. Two to five workers relentlessly pickaxed the hard stone surface and moved stone to create a completely level surface.

Creating a Round Pen

Another long time dream was to build a round pen. Round pens are wonderful tools both for

training horses and for facilitating “join-up.” Join-Up is the training of horses using their

language to establish trust. In a short three day project, we measured, cut logs from the property, and built a 45-foot round pen. All summer long the rescued girls and the three horses have been enjoying building trust through join-up. The girls have grown in confidence and security with the horses. They have learned to be “the boss” and know how to gently but firmly lead each horse.

--Mala, Director of Special Projects


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