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Interview with Komal, a survivor in a village in Chattisgarh

Social Worker: How is COVID-19 affecting you?

Komal: I, my husband, my daughter we are in our village in Chattisgarh. They did not find any cases nearby but because of the lockdown my husband wasn't allowed to go & work in the farms. So we have had no income! We aren't even allowed to leave our house. In the last month, I sold all my chickens to help feed my family. Finally, the village leaders have permitted one member of the family to go to work in the fields for few hours to earn some money so we can buy food.

Social Worker: What are your fears?

Komal: I am mostly worried of my daughter as she is very small. I need to be very careful with her so that she doesn't get sick. I and my daughter are very happy as we all are home together & though I'm worried about how the next month will go, I know there will be a way.

Social Worker: How long will the package of food we gave you last?

Komal: It will last a month or more for my family as we are a family of three.The groceries provided by Freedom Firm was when we were worried of how to survive came like blessing and we are making use of it everyday."


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