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Brothel Customers Come Forward

When two friends went into the red-light district in Salem, Tamil Nadu they each engaged a girl for the evening. The girl that one of the customers chose pleaded with him that she didn’t want to be involved in prostitution since she was a minor. She also said that she had a couple of friends who wanted out.

The customers, concerned for the girl, immediately left the brothel, found Freedom Firm on Google, and requested our team to help rescue the girls. With solid information, detailing the location of the brothel and photographs, Freedom Firm staff are traveling today to launch a raid with the support of police authorities to rescue these precious girls from prostitution.

This is an exciting development for Freedom Firm as we enter the New Year. This is the first time we have received strong and specific details from a customer and the first time we’ve initiated a raid in Tamil Nadu. A first in every way!

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