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Back to Back Rescues

4th August 2023, 3 victims rescued in brothels in Ahmedabad

16 year old Manila

On July 19, we learned about 16-year-old Manila from a partner organization in Bangladesh. She was trafficked to Ahmedabad, Gujarat. On August 2, a source provided us with Manila’s general location but we struggled to pinpoint the exact brothel. The next night, we got a lead that she was being exploited in an apartment.

On August 4, our source managed to provide us with Manila’s exact location. We took all the evidence we had to the police station. We wanted to meet the

Survivor Manila talking with social workers

Police Commissioner, but he was busy. We were directed to an officer of the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, AHTU. After reviewing all the evidence, the officer directed us to another police officer who would be assisting us in the rescue.

At 2 p.m. we left and waited for our team to verify Manila’s presence at the apartment. After we got confirmation, the police went straight to the apartment where Manila was being held. Manila and another suspected minor were rescued.

Taking statements at the police station

While we were involved in post-rescue operations, we received a fresh lead from our source. Just down the street, there were a few more victims in a brothel run by a 35-year-old woman. The police and our team rescued two forced majors. The male pimp managed to escape.

After the police filed their initial report, the victims, the perpetrators, and our team went to the police station to process details.

On August 5, we accompanied the victims to a clinic. The police insisted that the victims complete all their medical tests. They were then produced before the Child Welfare Committee who ordered that the minor be placed in a shelter home in Ahmedabad. The major girls were kept in police custody to share their statements in court.

Two of the accused currently held in custody


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