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A Rescue with Unforeseen Complications

On March 17th, 2023 the police and our team rescued 17 year old Aarti and 19 year old Monisa from a brothel in Ratlam, MP. The police also arrested the brothel keeper.

Aarti speaking with the social workers

The police suspected that Monisa was actively bringing customers to the brothel, because she had a residence that she was coming and going from. Because of that, and the fact that she is a major, she has been held in police custody, despite our staff's strong objections. (If she was bringing customers, it is likely that she only began that role after years of exploitation and abuse starting when she was a minor.) We are following up with our legal team and the police in this matter on Monisa's behalf.

On Sunday the 19th, two days after her rescue, social workers Archana and Nitendri visited Aarti at her temporary shelter and spent time in counseling with her. The following day, March 20th, Aarti appeared in court to record her 164 statement. (A 164 statement is a voluntary statement in which the victim shares her experience at the brothel and names of the accused).

The court where Aarti gave her statement


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