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A Mother at Ruhamah Designs

Asha, of Horse & Rider documentary, photographed with her little girl, Aradhana (meaning praise in Hindi), has worked with Ruhamah Designs for four years now.. She is a good mom and is deeply proud of her daughter. She took off from work for about a year around her marriage and birth of her child. It's wonderful to have her back. Recently she discovered she is pregnant with number two! She is absolutely thrilled.

Asha is part of our “Work At Home” program designed especially for moms who need extra flexibility. This program is only offered to young women who are already highly trained artisans and can be trusted with gems and other materials. For Asha its a position of responsibility. For Ruhamah Designs, its a position of trust.

So, while changing diapers and making chapatis, Asha makes jewelry whenever she can. She comes into the Ruhamah Designs workshop once a week to check that her designs pass quality control and to receive her paycheck based on the amount of production.


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