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13-Year-Old Amrita Rescued

Yesterday, we learned of a minor girl being sexually exploited in a village in Madhya Pradesh. After verifying the information, we presented the evidence to the Superintendent of Police, who assembled a team and prepared to initiate a raid.

Earlier today, the police and our team proceeded to the village where Amrita was being held. Prostitution is a major source of income for the village, which makes rescues extremely difficult; a wide range of people network together to enable the crime. Apparently, victims of prostitution are advised to tell their customers not to use their phones so that there is very little chance of leaked information.

We strategized with caution, determined to pursue the rescue despite the challenges. Our team and the police raided the brothel where Amrita's mother was forcing her into prostitution. Unfortunately, Amrita's mother escaped, but we rescued 13 year old Amrita, and the police escorted her safely to the police station. A few villagers followed us to the police station and warned us to stop interfering with their business. Amrita shared her statement, and we accompanied her to her medical tests, then to a shelter.


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