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Watching and Waiting

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Freedom Firm heard about Kanika two months ago. When our investigators first reached Kanika’s last known location, she was visiting her village to celebrate a festival. Our investigators kept surveilling the area until we received information that Kanika had returned. Immediately, we went to the location to verify her presence in a brothel outside of Nagpur. Next, our team met with the Superintendent of Police to present data about Kanika and he promised police cooperation for the rescue.

brothel keeper, arrested
brothel keeper, arrested

On October 22nd at 7:20PM, Freedom Firm joined the police to rescue

Kanika (17 years old) and arrest the 38-year old female brother keeper. We proceeded to a police station and filed an First Information Report (FIR). The next day Kanika, police officers, and the brothel keeper went to court. The court ordered the brothel keeper to remain in custody. Our team stayed with Kanika and the police for her medical check up at a government hospital.

Kanika (in pink) with Freedom Firm social worker
Kanika (in pink) with Freedom Firm social worker

Our social workers will continue gathering details from Kanika so they can visit her home and learn how to protect her.

You can find an update on Kanika here.

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