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Varsha Testifies

Varsha’s* transfer order was passed two months ago but she wasn’t transferred to another shelter home due to police unavailability. This was actually a window of opportunity for Freedom Firm. Once the girl is transferred, it's difficult to get her to come to testify. In a few cases, the shelter homes refuse to send the girl to testify. When they are released to their parents, they either don’t want to send their girls to testify or are unaware that their daughters were in prostitution in the first place.

Thanks to the delay in Varsha’s case, our legal team was able to take advantage of the situation and requested the court to summon her to testify before her transfer. The court immediately issued summons to Varsha and other witnesses in her case to testify last Thursday. She stated in court that she was forced into prostitution and this was not her choice. We are extremely proud of her and eagerly await her transfer to a new home in Mumbai.

The court has fixed the next date for other witnesses in her case in the first week of March. We hope that this case will be strong evidence against those who exploit minor girls and that it will send a strong message to the perpetrators.

*Name changed to protect identity

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