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Underweight and Expecting

82 lbs and 6 months pregnant

Deepti, a survivor of sex-trafficking from Mumbai, is six-months pregnant and weighs a mere eighty-two pounds. Her doctor has ordered her to drink a 1/2 gallon of milk mixed with protein powder every day to increase her weight. She needs to reach at least a hundred pounds before her due date.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, she has been unable to visit her doctor for check-ups or routine tests and scans since all clinics and labs are closed. Her husband has been out of work since the lockdown began but expenses continue to pile up. Deepti's vegetable vendor recently tested positive for the coronavirus, and as a result, she is no longer able to purchase some of the foods necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

The Freedom Firm team is making an effort to arrange and deliver all the fresh vegetables that Deepti and her growing baby need.

Update: 6 weeks later

Deepti has gained weight and is in better health now. Her husband is so excited about the upcoming birth of their baby that he organized a baby shower! With limited resources and a lot of excitement, they celebrated in a vacant room in their neighborhood surrounded by a few close friends. We can't wait for his little one to be born and double the joy.


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