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Two Girls Slip Away...One Rescued

One suspected minor rescued from a brothel while two other victims escape during a raid in Wani, Nagpur

Early July we learned about Shagun, a suspected minor who was being exploited in the red light area in Wani. Next day our investigation led us to two more suspected minors who were being sexually exploited in the red light area. We planned to rescue them as well when rescuing Shagun.

On July 13th, we spoke to the Sub-Divisional Police

Gathering at the raid

Officer, SPDO, in Wani and told him about Shagun and the other victims we had identified. The SPDO gave a good response. Together we discussed various rescue strategies. At 5:50 pm after finalising the rescue plan, the SPDO, his team and our team hit the brothel. The suspected minors who we had identified the day before saw the police and ran away, as did the brothel keepers.

Social worker speaking with survivor

We found Shagun and one brothel keeper. Shagun was rescued and the brothel keeper was arrested. The police started filing the First Information Report only at 12:05 am. We then accompanied Shagun and the police for her medical test.

Shagun was produced in court where they made an order for her to be placed in a shelter home in Nagpur. The accused was ordered to remain in police custody.

One young girl at the brothel

Inside the brothel


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