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Trafficked Across Borders

Studies show that trafficking from Bangladesh to India is most often due to factors like poverty, social exclusion, enticements for a better life, or lack of education and awareness. Trafficking of women and children is made easier by a somewhat porous Indo- Bangladesh border.

Such was the story of Nupur*. Her father was in prison, so despite being only 14 years old, she was in search of a job that would allow her to support her family. Lured by false promises of a good job by an acquaintance, Nupur left her home in Bangladesh with high hopes.

Unfortunately, the promises that had been made to her were all lies. Instead of finding employment, she was brought to Pune and sold for Rs.12,000 (200USD). Although she says that no one forced her into the sex trade and that she had sex with 10-15 customers a day willingly, after being rescued she confessed to being very happy to be freed from that life.

After being taken to a shelter home soon after the rescue, she brightened when she saw photos of different activities that had been conducted by the shelter home. She expressed her desire to participate in these activities which she had not had a chance to do back home. Our social workers, who visit the home regularly, say that she is doing very well. Her time in the home has developed her confidence and leadership skills and though she will eventually be repatriated, she will carry these skills with her to a better and brighter future.


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