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Soni Gets Groceries

Soni was rescued from a red light area in Varanasi in 2019. When our social worker Anjana last spoke to her a few days ago, Soni said that the COVID-19 situation in Varanasi was serious. She has a son who is asthmatic. The market is shut now and people are unable to purchase food. She shared that she has enough food for now, but she doesn't know how long it will last. HIV+, Soni used to go regularly to the hospital to get antiretroviral medication. Now with the curfew, she is unable to go to the hospital for her and her son’s medication.

Anjana has contacted three hospitals in Varanasi to ask if they can supply Soni and her son with medication but all three hospitals said that they can't deliver medicines.

Anjana is trying to connect Soni with a local NGO to see if they will deliver these urgently needed medicines.

Worried that Soni and her son may run out of food, Anjana found a local grocery shop and spoke with the shop owner, and explained Soni's situation to him. He agreed to a special arrangement. Freedom Firm will transfer the payment for groceries in advance, and Soni can pick it up when she and her son need food.


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