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17-Year-Old Sneha Re-rescued from an Agra Brothel

Sneha rescued from brothel in Agra, Bedia community india
Sneha, emotional after her rescue

In August 2019, we rescued 13 year old Sneha from a brothel in Moradabad. Sneha was from the Bedia community, a community known for selling their daughters into sexual slavery.

Ever since Sneha's rescue, we have been fighting an ongoing battle with the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), trying to convince them not to release Sneha to her grandmother who sold her to the brothel in Moradabad. After four years, the CWC granted Sneha's grandmother custody earlier this year.

A few months ago, we received intel that Sneha's grandmother had once again sold her into prostitution. It took us four months to track Sneha down. Our team joined forces with the police and an Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) to rescue Sneha.

On December 14th, at 6:00 pm, the AHTU, police, and our team raided a brothel in Agra and rescued Sneha for the second time.  The police arrested three males between 30-45 years of age, as well as Sneha’s 55 year old grandmother.

The next day our advocate presented Sneha’s case to the magistrate at a Sessions Court in Agra, and they decided that Sneha will continue to live in the shelter home and Sneha’s grandmother will remain in police custody.

We are making every effort to keep Sneha safe, and to stand with her in the fight for justice for the crimes her family committed in forcing her into sexual slavery.

Update 1.19.24: We are glad to hear that four of the accused from Sneha's case were denied bail by a Sessions Court in Agra.


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