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Rescuing Victims and Punishing Criminals

An informant called the Freedom Firm team in Nagpur about a minor girl he saw in prostitution in Nagpur's red light area. The investigators found Pooja in a brothel where her keepers forced her to serve customers. Undercover, the investigators took video footage as evidence to convince the police that brothel keepers were selling a minor for sex. With clear proof, the police acted.

On August 6, 2021 at approximately 5:45 pm, the police and Freedom Firm team raided the building where the brothel keepers were holding Pooja. The operation was successful! The team rescued Pooja along with 5 majors (women between 18-40 years).

Police (standing) watch over survivors (seated) and the brothel keeper (in peach) after rescue

The police arrested two women: Asha (the brothel owner, age 50) and Poorni (the brothel keeper, age 40). Two customers, ages 25 and 28, were also arrested. Freedom Firm Liaison Officer shared about next steps following the rescue. Captions available in bottom right.

The following day our team accompanied the police to the court and produced 4 accused and 6 victims before the magistrate. Our social workers will accompany the victims for their medical examination and ossification tests. These tests are important in determining age through X rays of their bone formation. Freedom Firm's legal team prepares to assist legal proceedings. Our aftercare team plan their travel to visit Pooja's home to gather more details about Pooja's family and determine if it is safe for her to return home.


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