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Rescue: Making an impact in 2008-2009

In 2008 and 2009, Freedom Firm conducted 29 investigations. Our undercover operatives worked with the local police who conducted raids, which led to the rescue of more than 75 girls. Most of these girls are safe and on their way to a better life.

Our current target area is Pune. The 8th largest city in India, 4.8 million people strong, it is the traffickers’ strategic entry point for minor girls coming from West Bengal and Bangladesh.

In 2008 and 2009 we also conducted several raids in the difficult areas of Turbhe and Vashi (just outside Mumbai), expanded our investigations into the state of Karnataka, assisted a sister-NGO in Bangalore, and several rescues were the result of information from NGOs in Kolkata and Bangladesh.

Although we specifically target the rescue of minor girls, during raids Freedom Firm social workers offer freedom to majors who are being forced into prostitution as well. This has resulted in the rescue of more than 20 girls above the age of 18 being held against their will. Three of these rescued girls had children taken from them upon arrival to the brothel and were reunited upon rescue.


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