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Recovery from the past, skills for the future

In September 2006, Freedom Firm established a rehabilitation home for survivors of sex trafficking in an effort to provide complete aftercare. The home has facilities and the means to provide recreation, education, and training for girls and to provide for their physical needs. The home is staffed with professionals and caregivers who will be constantly working towards the emotional recovery of the girl child. It is a protected, warm place for the girls to reside and prepare for their re-entry into society. The vocational unit will ensure that the girls receive the training necessary for them to be able to take care of themselves after their time at the home is done. This will enhance and strengthen their belief in the system, in caregivers, and in themselves. Our ultimate desire is to rescue minor girls and then, through this aftercare home, prepare them to be healthy, independent women, capable of re-integrating into society and living well-balanced and productive lives.

Freedom Firm aftercare home began with the hiring of a wonderful team of people from different parts of India and America. Around the same time, we found a wonderful old English rental houseless than two kilometers from the main town of Ooty. A steep drive leads down off the main road and gives the whole place a sense of peace and privacy. The house is on a bus route which will allow easy access for girls and staff as they travel to and from town. A five-minute walk brings you to reserve forests with endless hiking and biking trails, pretty picnic spots and water lily covered ponds. The place is perfect for the first year of rehabilitation, with eight girls and three staff members.


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