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Nagma's Journey of Recovery

In January 2011, Nagma ran away from her home in Kolkata after a quarrel with her family. Intercepted by traffickers, she was sold to a brothel in Pune. There, she was beaten, raped, and deeply traumatized. Only 16 years old (a valuable minor), she was locked in a room every day so she couldn't escape.

On March 31st, 2011 she was rescued from a brothel in Pune. She stayed in a government shelter home for the next six years. After she was released, she worked for Freedom Firm’s employment program, where she learned jewelry design. Nagma attended college part-time and completed her Bachelor of Arts.

In 2017, Nagma married but 2 years later, her husband abandoned her and their 2-year old son. Unable to support herself and her son, she moved in with her father and brother. Life at home with her family wasn’t easy either, and she said that her father and brother were abusive at times.

Ever since she was rescued, Nagma has struggled with severe depression. At one point during her care, she was diagnosed with a psychological disorder. Then she stopped visiting the psychiatrist and found it hard to cope, especially during the lockdown. Freedom Firm’s social worker in Kolkata, Shelly, tried again and again to convince Nagma to go to a hospital for further assessment and treatment. However, Nagma refused to go. Finally, in April, Nagma agreed.

Then the pandemic hit, and the hospital canceled her appointment. Shelly hopes to reschedule Nagma’s appointment for sometime in July. Once Nagma is stable, our team will be able to guide her through making decisions about other options for her future.

Become a Freedom Firm Partner. We need your help to keep support Nagma, no matter how many years it takes, through this long and painful road to recovery.


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