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Girl with Unborn Baby Rescued!

Last week the team investigated the red-light area in Wani, Yavatmal District to see if there were minor girls in prostitution. On Wednesday, they engaged a girl who looked about 15 years old and 6 months pregnant. The team traveled 150 kilometers from Wani to the district headquarters to meet the Superintendent of Police (SP) to secure cooperation for the raid after gathering information and taking video footage of the brothel and the girl.

They refrained from seeking assistance from the police in Wani as they had faced difficulties in securing a raid the last time. Even though the team waited for three hours to meet the SP, when they finally shared their information he was motivated and arranged a team to rescue the girl on Thursday.

The team rescued Aparna*, the pregnant girl found by the team during investigation. Additionally, the police have arrested three brothel keepers and two customers who were present in the area.

Please pray that the girls will receive the care they need in the coming days.

Clarification about Real-Time Update (July 28th): Freedom Firm makes every effort to record accurate numbers every time we do a raid. However, sometimes we make mistakes. In an update sent on July 28th, we stated that 2 minors and 3 majors were rescued and 2 brothel keepers were arrested in Koregaon. However, the F.I.R states that 4 girls were rescued, and 3 brothel keepers were arrested. These are the correct numbers. Unfortunately, the numbers changed as the police filed the F.I.R after our investigators left the police station before an explanation could be given to them regarding this matter. We regret this miscommunication.

*Name changed to protect identity.


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