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Lock down in a Brothel during the pandemic

Women in a red-light area in Kolkata wait in line for a parcel of rice, lentils and oil, enough to last a few weeks.

A Freedom Firm investigator tells the story of the call that launched our team in India into action. 

"When the pandemic first broke out, I got a call from a girl who lives in a brothel in Nagpur. She said 'I haven't eaten for two days. The brothel-keeper isn't feeding us. Please can you send me some food'."  That call was the first of an avalanche of calls from all corners of India.  They called in desperation. All girls said the same thing.  "We are hungry; we don't have food. We don't have medicine.  Please send someone to help us."

Freedom Firm staff, who are in lockdown along with everyone else, began calling local police, NGO's and contacts.  Many were willing to help. In a tremendous effort of cooperation and networking, we've sent enough food for a month to 130 victims and survivors and their families.  With India still in lockdown and the virus continuing to spread, we don't know how long aid will be needed, but we are committed to caring for each girl and her family until this is over. 

A survivor shares about life in India during the pandemic here.


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