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Layers of Vulnerability

Updated: May 27, 2022

The Freedom Firm team and local police prepare for the rescue
The Freedom Firm team and local police prepare for the rescue

A young girl in India may be vulnerable in a variety of ways. Perhaps she is born into poverty, her family struggling to put food on the table. Opportunities for her education are likely limited, and local tradition may lead to an arranged marriage at a young age. Saha is vulnerable in yet another way; she has an intellectual disability.

Our investigators first saw Saha in a red light area at the end of February. For the next month, our team worked to gather sufficient evidence and find local law enforcement who were willing and available to rescue her. On March 23rd, Saha was rescued alongside two majors who were in prostitution against their will. The police also arrested a 50 year old brothel keeper.

Saha (left) smiles after her rescue on March 23rd
Saha (left) smiles after her rescue

The brothel keeper who was arrested
The brothel keeper who was arrested

The 3 victims, Reshmi, Fauzia and Saha, were placed in a shelter home and we continue to follow up with them. Reshmi is an orphan who endured 2 months of an abusive marriage. She courageously ran away from her husband only to fall into the hands of the brothel keeper. Fauzia believed she was marrying the love of her life, but after she delivered his child, he sold her to the same brothel keeper for less than $150. Since Saha has an intellectual disability, we have recommended that she remain in a shelter home for three years so she can receive proper care.

Read HERE to learn about how Saha, Fauzia and Reshmi are spending their time now.

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