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Kavitha's story

Kavita was a bright, sweet schoolgirl studying in standard ten. Her father, a drunkard, constantly harassed her and her mother. It got to the point where they decided to leave home and live elsewhere in the same city. However, Kavitha's father began to accuse her of developing relationships with boys. Overwhelmed by the accusations, she ran away from home and took shelter in a railway station. The same night she was trafficked into a brothel. Her family looked for her but could not find her. They were certain that she was lost, but over time, they came to believe that she was dead

Six months later she was rescued. Kavitha was then referred to Freedom Firm to work at Ruhamah Designs, where she was employed for over a year. The staff and girls at Freedom Firm loved her because of her sweet temperament.

Our social worker accompanied Kavitha to her village to collect her school certificate. The government authorities informed Kavitha's family that their daughter was alive.

One day, without warning, her entire family arrived at Ruhamah Designs. In a way, it was good to see the reunion of a lost child with her family, but the staff worried that if she returned with them, she would find herself in a vulnerable situation once more. Kavita left us last year and is at home in her village. Since then, she has completed her standard twelve studies.

Now, Kavitha is once again facing familial hardship. Her father is trying to force her to give him Rs.10,000. When she called Freedom Firm staff and requested the money, we could not give it to her, knowing that her father will continue to take advantage of her if we do. We have asked her to come and work with us again and hope that she will be able to do so.


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