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Kamna Rescued After Two Months

Kamna* was discovered by Freedom Firm’s operatives on 4th July in Shevgaon, Maharashtra. On 5th July, when the Freedom Firm team and local police initiated a rescue operation she was not found. Two months later in September, she was again identified by Freedom Firm investigators.

Freedom Firm alerted the police who immediately arranged a team and initiated a rescue operation to find Kamna and her sister Nazma*. Just like in July, the area was shut down and the brothel keepers locked all the doors right before the rescue could take place. Someone had leaked the information on the upcoming raid.

Fortunately, a secret informer from the red-light district told Freedom Firm that Kamna and Nazma were taken by the brothel keeper to her private bungalow very close to the area. The police raided the bungalow where they rescued the girls and took the brothel keeper into custody.

At the police station, the team learned that Kamna and Nazma were trafficked by their stepmother and brother a year ago. The 2 sisters are now at a government shelter home where Freedom Firm’s aftercare team can provide counseling and assistance.

*Names changed to protect identity


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