Diksha rescued in Chandrapur, Maharashtra

"I am male. I am searching a young girl who should be in 16 to 20. send this details."

- a comment left on Wikipedia under "Red Light Area of Chandrapur"

The red-light area in Chandrapur has existed for decades. Customers search for young girls both by trolling the brothels in person and through searching the internet, just like this young man. Freedom Firm has worked to rescue girls in Chandrapur for the last 2 years. Here's the latest rescue!

The brothel where Diksha was held captive.


Our investigators heard about Diksha, a 17-year old girl forcibly engaged in prostitution in a brothel in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. Here is the sequence of events that led to her rescue.

24th September – We made the journey to Chandrapur to verify the lead. This particular brothel had three rooms and a room where the brothel keeper lived. Though the brothel rooms were dirty, it was actually better than other brothels. We located Diksha and the brothel keeper.

Cement beds were fixed in each room.

25th SeptemberRescuing 17 year old Diksha and 2 major girls

11:30 am - We met the SP (Superintendent of Police), shared Diksha’s information with him and a letter requesting his support for Diksha’s rescue. The SP directed us to the special task force that would be handling the rescue. We met with them and shared the rescue plan.

12:30 pm - The Additional Superintendent of Police, met with us and we discussed the rescue plan in more detail

1:30 pm - Two panch (third party) witnesses, two lady constable officers and four police staff joined us at the police


2:45 pm - Once we received confirmation about Diksha’s presence at the brothel, we proceeded towards the red light area.