Food for Pooja and her family of 15

Updated: Jul 17

Freedom Firm social worker, Anjana, reports on Pooja, a rescued girl now living at home with her family of origin, "When I called Pooja to ask about her health she said she is fine. But all the shops are closed in her village and they are not getting enough things to eat. Her family is a total of 15 members. No one is working nowadays because of the lock-down. (the family was struggling to find work even before the Coronavirus hit too). Pooja said whatever they brought home to eat gets finished in just one day. Pooja is learning how to adjust to a big family. She finds it difficult, but still, she is grateful and happy." Anjana has arranged for groceries to be delivered to Pooja and her family. Thanks to the continued gifts of faithful donors Freedom Firm can continue to care for and serve our rescued girls during these unprecedented times.


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