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Ensuring Kaveri's Safety

Freedom Firm’s social worker, Hannah, experienced a confusing and difficult follow-up visit when she went to meet Kaveri*, rescued in January in Salem, Tamil Nadu.

Kaveri’s mother informed her that  Kaveri wasn’t at home and had gone to work and would not be able to meet Hannah. Kaveri’s mother refused to comment when Hannah asked for details of Kaveri’s work, saying that she had just started work that day. She further went on to tell Hannah never to come and visit again or to call about Kaveri. In response, Hannah told her that as long as Kaveri was around she would visit and call to ensure her safety.

Hannah called the police and informed them about the mother’s response and behavior. When the police arrived, the mother brought Kaveri out from a small shop where she was forced to hide. The police warned the mother that she would be sent to jail if her daughter didn’t stay at home until her court case was finished.

Ever since Kaveri was rescued, her mother has constantly lied and hidden information about her daughter’s whereabouts. We believe Kaveri is not safe at home and her mother may even be exploiting her. Freedom Firm is taking steps to find a safe shelter home for Kaveri.

*Name changed to protect privacy


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