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Diamonds! ✧ˎˊ-  

Self-awareness session with social worker, Smita

Social worker Smita led a "self-awareness" session for 26 survivors in a shelter home in Madhya Pradesh. Smita invited the survivors to introduce themselves, share what they did, and describe how they were different from other girls. After listening to their answers, Smita said they were each like a rare diamond—priceless and unique. She encouraged and empowered them to pursue their dreams.

After the session, one survivor shared that she felt like a diamond and wanted to do something with her life. Another shared that self-respect was very important to her.

One of the shelter home staff in attendance shared that only a jeweler could recognize a true diamond. She explained that she was like a jeweler and proceeded to inspect and validate each survivor as a rare and precious diamond. The survivors were encouraged and delighted!


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