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Developing the Leg Up Horse Therapy program

2012 has been a year of transformation for Leg Up. We were operating from the property of Greg and Mala Malstead outside of Ooty. This was good because it afforded the girls a

chance to get out of town and into nature. It was challenging because it was difficult to get up there for therapy and took time away from work and lessons. At the time we had therapy with one girl a week, and with the disabled children on Saturdays.

To facilitate greater access, we started our first satellite campus at Hebron School. We moved two ponies to the school and began a mutually beneficial partnership with Hebron. Now, with travel time removed, the girls have convenient access to the horses and we have therapy with disabled children three times a week. We still use the Malstead property

for disabled riding on Saturdays.

Leg Up is still in an experimental phase. We are working on keeping up with the growth and demand for the program. We continue to see growth in the character and lives of the rescued girls as they reach out to disabled children.


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