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Day 2- This is not a hand out. It's empowerment.

The chefs, servers, and clean up crew are all local men. Their mothers and sisters are victims of the trade and trapped in the red-light community. They've grown up without fathers and men to model a healthy lifestyle and good conduct. Many struggle with alcohol and drug abuse and find it difficult to hold down jobs.

When the Corona Virus hit 2 months ago, these young men were at a loss of what they could do to provide for their loved ones. Local leaders and NGO workers began meeting with the men, giving them huge quantities of food supplies, pots and pans and the other items they needed to set up the street kitchen. With constant support, supervision, and organization, these young men are working incredibly hard to provide for the women and children in the area.

This food drive is not a handout. Rather, its empowerment. Locals are investing what time, skill, and effort they can to reach out and care for their own community. This ownership of the process, combined with the generous gifts of donors and the oversight and organization of NGOs has made the feeding of thousands possible, in the healthiest way possible.

Day 2's menu was rice, dal (lentils), and egg curry. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve and show love and care in this tangible way.

#Cookforher to raise awareness about the plight of women and children in red-light communities in India.

Try making an Indian recipe, take a picture of the dish and post it on your social media with the hashtag #Cookforher

* Egg Curry

All the men involved in the preparation, serving and clean up clap to show their thanks to the donors who sponsored the event.
The cooks and servers say THANKS!


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