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An Aunt Intervenes

On March 31st, a mother and her two daughters, Neelu (11) and Jeeva (15) were rescued after years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

Jeeva shared their story:

Jeeva grew up with her parents and siblings in a shared home with another family. Three years ago, her parents borrowed 120,000 Rupees (roughly $1,500) from their housemate Malik. Jeeva’s father and two brothers moved to another city to work, and they paid Malik back in one year.

Jeeva’s mom, Veena, borrowed money from Malik again the next year. Malik claimed Veena did not pay back the loan and began harassing the family. Separated from the men in their family, Veena and her daughters were vulnerable. Malik started physically and sexually abusing Veena. Malik’s 18 year old son raped Jeeva twice in the span of a few weeks. After the second rape, Jeeva discovered she was pregnant.

Jeeva told Malik and his wife about the pregnancy and the couple forced various remedies down her throat hoping she would miscarry. When that did not work, they took her to a hospital and forced her to have an abortion. Jeeva became very ill after the abortion and was diagnosed with diabetes.

Veena, Jeeva,and Neelu endured relentless abuse; every night Malik would return home drunk and harass them. Malik’s wife never intervened but seemed to get some sadistic pleasure watching her husband abuse them physically, sexually and emotionally.

 Veena (left) and her daughters Neelu (11) and Jeeva (15)
Veena (left) and her daughters Neelu (11) and Jeeva (15)

On March 15th, Malik brought them to a village approximately 200 miles away. He took their phones and threatened to kill them if they told anyone about their situation. Malik and his wife said they would sell Neelu to clear the debt. Fearing for her youngest daughter, Veena summoned the courage to go to a nearby house and call her sister for help. Her sister wasted no time and reached out to an NGO who contacted Freedom Firm. Our team coordinated with the local police and planned a rescue with the Anti Human Trafficking Unit. Veena, Jeeva and Neelu were rescued on March 31st. Malik, his wife and son were arrested.

A Few Months Later

Jeeva’s family has been reunited! Veena, Jeeva and Neenu are living with their father and brothers in a new location. Our team of social workers will continue following up with these survivors and work to keep them safe from Malik.

Although Malik, his wife and son were arrested and sent to jail, within a few weeks they were granted bail. Our legal team is working to revoke their bail and get them back in jail.

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