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Advocating for Reform and Protection in Madhya Pradesh

Protective laws and agencies only provide benefit if their power is applied with humanity and justice. When there is apathy or corruption, Freedom Firm jumps to action and pursues accountability. This month, we celebrate results from 6 months of relentless pursuit of protection for 3 young girls, ages 12, 13 and 16, who were part of a rescue in Dhodar Village, Madhya Pradesh, on 24th February 2022. (Rescue story.)

Post rescue, 4 victims were placed in a shelter home. But then the Child Welfare Committee, CWC, released 3 of the 4 victims - Silu, Ani and Kira - back to their parents where the likelihood of continued prostitution is almost absolute. These girls are from a community where young girls are pimped out by fathers and brothers at an early age.

Our social workers met the Superintendent of Police for help and even met the District Protection Officer a number of times and requested him to issue an order to the CWC to order the victims back to the shelter home. The CWC did not respond to his or our letters, and even refused to meet us.

However, we are happy to report that after nearly 6 months of following up with different departments, Silu, Ani and Kira were escorted back to the shelter home in Ratlam, MP on August 26th. They will be part of the life skills and vocation training programs, and finally have protection to grow and develop as the children they are.

Girls work on a group project in a Madhya Pradesh shelter home June of 2022


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