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Adolescent Development

October 6th | Nagpur

Survivors found this session very interesting! The beginning of the session brought nervous giggling and some blushing, as these young girls don’t often talk about adolescent development. Social worker Shilpa spoke about puberty, hormonal changes, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, personal hygiene and the importance of healthy eating. After listening very attentively, survivors flooded Shilpa with questions: how does a woman get pregnant? How does a baby grow after it is conceived? What is HIV? What is AIDS?

Survivors need a safe place to learn about this content. Most never received guidance about the way their fragile bodies changed during teenage years. Coercion and violence mark their experience with sex. Many of them hate their bodies and feel so much shame. Freedom Firm designed our restoration program to help each survivor journey from brokenness to healing. Life skill sessions help survivors understand their bodies and their emotions.


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