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A Protective Father and a Supportive Fiancé

Social worker Smita visited 17 year old Anju at her village in Madhya Pradesh. Anju is healthy and happy at home, helps her mother with household chores and is interested in doing a beautician's course. Anju's parents shared that they found a good match for their daughter and will arrange the marriage next year.

Anju's father told his future son-in-law, Kiran, about his daughter being kidnapped when she was very young and then sold into prostitution. Kiran still wants to marry Anju. He works as a cook in a hotel and is earning a salary of Rs 18000 per month. Kiran and Anju's engagement is set for December 5th, 2022.

Anju with her father in 2021

Last year Anju's father was keen to send Anju to school but soon changed his mind. He shared that he was afraid of letting Anju out of his sight especially since the accused in Anju's case have still not been convicted. He fears they will do anything to destroy the evidence.

When Smita asked Anju about Kiran, she said she liked him and was excited about the engagement and their marriage next year.

We are so happy that Anju has a father that cares so deeply and is so protective about his daughter. And we are thrilled with Kiran who wants to spend the rest of his life with Anju.


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