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17 year old Ruchi, rescued

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

On February 13th, Asha, Associate Director in Nagpur, texted, “Our investigator and operatives are going to the red-light area today at 11 am. ”

Ruchi*, a 17-year-old was hidden inside the brothel and only brought out when the customers specifically wanted a ‘young’ girl.

Later that afternoon, the police canceled the rescue operation because the red-light area was alerted and the brothel where Ruchi was hidden, was closed.  The brothel keeper was gone and only a few customers and women were around.

On February 17th, five days after our first attempt to rescue Ruchi, the red-light area had relaxed and business “as usual” had resumed. Freedom Firm rescued Ruchi that afternoon from the red-light area in Nagpur, Maharashtra with the help of local police. Two other girls were also rescued from the brothel that day. The police arrested two brothel keepers and our team filed a criminal complaint.

Ruchi is now at a short stay home where  Freedom Firm social workers visit her and the two other girls to extend friendship, counseling and to assess their medical needs and to provide whatever help they can.

*Name changed to protect identity

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