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Freedom Firm undercover operatives locate minor girls in brothels and document the crime.  The Freedom Firm team, along with the police, raid the brothels, rescue the girls and arrest the brothel keepers and traffickers. The rescued girls are then placed in government remand homes and Freedom Firm files criminal complaints against their oppressors.

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1"Our promise"
2. Our pillars
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Freedom Firm’s social workers partner with shelter homes across the country to facilitate rescued girls with counselling, therapy, job training, education and health care. Social workers monitor, support and intervene when necessary for girls for years after rescue, and often for life.


Freedom Firm pursues the conviction of those responsible for trafficking minor girls. Freedom Firm lawyers assist public prosecutors at each stage of the criminal trial. Rescued girls are empowered to testify against their abusers and to help bring them to justice. Every trial and every conviction creates a deterrent and raises the cost of sex trafficking in India.

Our Pillars



We are committed for whatever duration is required of us, laying aside expectations of comfort or rewards as we pursue justice for those who are suffering without it.


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We believe in the unique and
intrinsic worth of each person.
We lend our strength to help
empower victims of oppression, awakening their inherent strength.


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We are grateful for all resources entrusted to us, and seek to steward them for the sake of others. We value simplicity and humility, nimbly serving as we are led.

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