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Meet Our Ambassadors


Kimmy Stagg


When I was in college I felt called to the fight against sex trafficking and spent years raising funds and volunteering with nonprofits and student organizations in the arena. After graduation life took me a different direction and didn't allow me to participate the way I'd been able to before. But I still had a heart for the women and girls whose lives have been wounded by the horrors of sex trafficking. Freedom Firm was one organization I continued to follow these last several years, supporting their work with donations whenever I could. Now with the opportunity to be an ambassador for this awesome organization, I feel like I've come full circle and am able once again to be a part of helping in a greater way with the work that I believe is so important for the rescue, restoration, and renewal of these brave women's lives.

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Julia Slatin


I decided to be an ambassador to support Freedom Firm in their mission to care for and protect this extremely vulnerable population.  Although I won't be on the front lines, I'm excited to help as an ambassador. I hope many more people will be moved by Freedom Firm's mission so many more girls can be rescued and find healing.

Ameya Beohar.jpg

Ameya Beohar


I feel very strongly about women empowerment , given our world which tends to suppress women voices. I would do everything in my power to contribute towards this fight for rights, justice and opportunity for girls who need it the most.


Abha Shrivastava


“Paraadhin sapnehu sukh nahi” Ancient scriptures endorse the unmitigated truth that there is no happiness when one doesn’t have freedom. I fully support this endeavor to bring freedom - the most basic of all rights - to those who are forced into shackles by depraved individuals and communities. 

Katie Kamas.JPG

Katie Kamas


Since visiting a Freedom Camp, I have followed the incredible work of Freedom Firm. I am eager to have practical ways to support the work of bringing restoration and hope.

Yvonne and Roger .JPG

Yvonne & Roger Malstead


Of course, as Greg, who started this ministry is our son, we are wholeheartedly into it as well.  And our prayers and support that we can send is something we feel privileged to do. 


Evan & Leah Henck


Freedom Firm provides real and tangible relief to victims in distress and then doesn't give up on them as they walk the bumpy road of recovery.


Shubha Shrivastava


Bravo! And thanks to Freedom Firm for rescuing innocent Indian girls from trafficking, and ensuring their safety, independence and dignity for years after the initial rescue. 

It is amazingly difficult to do this in a developing country like India where patriarchy and corruption go deep into societal mentality and have eroded human values and culture that was originally rooted in respect.  

I want to support the work, including awareness and training to all girls and boys and their parents, so that predators cannot exploit the vulnerable.  

Camille Free.jpeg

Camille Free


I joined Freedom Firm’s Ambassador Program because I am passionate about the work they do and want to support them as much as possible. I got to see firsthand how incredible Freedom Firm is through my internship with them this past summer. They are actively making a difference in the lives of many young girls and women in India. I can’t wait to see this organization grow and am honored to be a part of it.

Tara Sanders.jpg

Tara Sanders


I have a heart for participating in efforts to uplift women in poverty and distress, and to help them heal, thrive, and move confidently into the future. 

Sue Oldcorn.jpg

Sue Oldcorn


I am thrilled to be an Ambassador for Freedom Firm. "I feel passionately about protecting those without a voice, the marginalised and helpless who, often through extreme poverty, end up being trafficked." I feel honoured to be involved in my small way with Freedom Firm

Anne-Nicole Walters.jpg

Anne-Nicole Walters


Fighting oppression to restore identity and hope is always worth the effort. I believe in Freedom Firm’s combined approach of rescue, justice and restoration done in partnership with locals to create a real chance for long term change. 


Sarah Mulley


I'm excited to bring awareness to the holistic approach Freedom Firm uses as they fight against trafficking through rescue, restoration, and justice! 


Ruth Amaro



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