Host a Jewelry Party 

Why Jewelry Parties?

Jewelry Parties are a tangible way to share about Freedom Firm's mission and to sell products the girls make.  Proceeds help rescue more girls from the sex trade and provide more employment opportunities.  


In the past we've invited you to host in-person parties. Now you have the option of hosting in-person OR online parties with your friends and family!  We've made it easy, and Sarah Mulley is available to guide and support you the whole way.  Watch the short tutorial video and sign up to host a virtual party.

Our Gift to you.
When you sign up to host a jewelry party, we'll send you a small collection of sample jewelry to wear during your party and keep as a thank you for hosting. 
You and your guests will also receive free shipping during the party!
How to Host a Virtual Party

Please invite your friends and family in whatever works best for you -- texts, Facebook event, email, Evite, etc.  Anything will work! 

Remember to include:

  • Date & time.  Virtual parties will only take 45 minutes - 1 hour

  • Link to the Zoom or video chat you will be using 

If your guests are new to Zoom, invite these guests to go online and join the call 30 minutes ahead of time so brand new Zoom users can take their time getting connected and work through issues with video or sound without time pressure. Once they are connected, they can step away or leave the call and come back at the time of the party.  This website has a variety of tutorials, and please contact Sarah Mulley for additional help (sarah@freedomfirm.org)


Sample Text Templates:

Invitations (make this as personal as possible!)  

Hi friends!  Will you join me for my first virtual Freedom Firm party on ____?!  The party is a great way to support artisans in India while finding beautiful jewelry and handmade gifts to wear yourself or share with others.  All purchases from my party will support survivors of sex trafficking who make jewelry, cards and other handicrafts in order to feed themselves and their families.  I’m looking forward to gathering together to celebrate the work of Freedom Firm and shop together.  Mark your calendar for a short video call on _____, ______ from _______!  The link is: ______


Reply to someone who can’t join the party

That’s okay! You can see the products at freedomfirm.org/shop and my special promo code is ______. If you place your order before ____, that code will give you free shipping!


Reminder Message  

Hi ____! I’m looking forward to seeing you today at _____.  Here’s the link _____.


Next Day Follow Up Message 

Hi everyone!  Thanks for taking time to learn about Freedom Firm yesterday.  Just a friendly reminder that my promo code for free shipping (________) expires _____.

Set Up & Prep:

  • Watch the tutorial video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=esmQnkYhhU4 

  • Day of the party: Put on your Freedom Firm sample jewelry collection! 

  • Optional: open the Zoom call 30 minutes early for new Zoom users to join and get set up with audio, etc. 

  • 15 Minutes before party starts: set up your computer.  Open these two links before starting your Zoom call so you are ready to share your screen.

  1. freedomfirm.org

  2. www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdABB6vaWV4&feature=youtu.be


Sample Party Outline:

Party Begins

People log on to the call and get set up (5-10 minutes)

  • Optional: ask everyone the same question as people join the call

Guest introductions (5-10 minutes)

  • Name, where you live, relationship to host  

Host Introduction (3-5 minutes)

  • Share how you got connected with Freedom Firm

  • Share what excites you about Freedom Firm

  • Short Summary about Freedom Firm: “Freedom Firm seeks to eliminate child prostitution in India by rescuing minor girls, pursuing restoration through aftercare programs and bringing justice by prosecuting the perpetrators of sex trafficking.  Since Freedom Firm began in 2006, 678 girls have been rescued!

Share the VIDEO (5 minutes)

  • Click “Share screen” and Check include audio! 

  • Play the video

  • Pause screen Share, click to website.  Then, restart screen share

Show guests the Freedom Firm website - freedomfirm.org

  • How they can learn more: share what helps you stay connected, Rescue Map, blogs, etc. (3 minutes)

  • Show Give tab (1 minute)

  • Show Shop tab (5 minutes) with the different collections and items 

    • Share that all proceeds from sales go into rescuing more girls!

    • Demonstrate a sample order by adding a couple items to the cart and starting to check out

    • Show guests where to enter the special promo code for your party


Party Ends

  • Ask guests if they have any questions

  • Encourage guests to go to freedomfirm.org/shop and purchase jewelry! They could sign off the call whenever or stay on while they shop

  • Remind them you special promo code will expire on _____ so put orders in asap


I have more questions; who do I ask?

The Freedom Firm staff are here to help!  Please email sarah@freedomfirm.org with any questions.