Meet the Team

Meet the Staff

Mala Malstead

Director of Communication

Co-Founder Freedom Firm USA

Mala Malstead, an American, was born in Kolkata India in 1970. She spent her first three years in Kolkata and then aboard Operation Mobilzation's ocean-going ship. Living and attending school aboard the Logos, Mala experienced over 40 different countries before she turned 10 years old. The family moved to the US in 1980. When she was eighteen, Mala first heard about child sex-trafficking when she was 18 years old as a senior in highshool (1988). An Indian friend of the family who worked with women in the red-light district in Kolkata, told her about young girls who were sold and forced into sexual slavery. Deeply concerned about this injustice, she vowed to work in India after finishing college.


Sarah Mulley

Awareness Coordinator

I'm excited to bring awareness to the holistic approach Freedom Firm uses as they fight against trafficking through rescue, restoration, and justice! 


Leah Henck


Leah completed her MBA from Regent University in December 2008 before joining her future husband in India in January 2009.  Together they spent the next 7 years in Freedom Firm's Pune field office.  During this time, Leah and Mala worked together to found Ruhamah Designs, a business dedicated to providing rescued women a healthy, sustainable livelihood.  After returning to the U.S., Leah rejoined Freedom Firm USA to manage accounts, audits, taxes, and other interesting necessities!  

Anne-Nicole Walters

Grant Writer

Fighting oppression to restore identity and hope is always worth the effort. I believe in Freedom Firm’s combined approach of rescue, justice and restoration done in partnership with locals to create a real chance for long term change. 

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