Meet the Board

Roger Rumer


"My wife and I have been blessed with two daughters; when Mala and Greg Malstead visited our church in 2011.

Gaye Shepherd


"Freedom Firm believes in the intrinsic value of every girl in India, especially those disregarded.  Through tireless effort, one-on-one support, they work to elevate the lives of those needfully rescued from ruinous trafficking... one girl at a time... with no effort being too large."

Evan Henck


"Freedom Firm's work is so real, tangible and necessary. Once you have seen these girls faces and seen them go from bondage to freedom, it is hard to imagine not trying to help."

Amy Swanson


Amy brings to the board a wealth of experience in education and ministry in cross-cultural settings, following more than 25 years of teaching in secondary schools both in the US and abroad.  Amy has also been involved with anti-trafficking organizations for over 15 years. 

Greg Malstead

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Vice President


I started Freedom Firm to help girls out of prostitution, who couldn't do it on their own.

Reuben Arulananadam

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Board Member

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Nathanael McRostie

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