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Frequently Asked Questions




Prospective Ambassadors




Why should I become an Ambassador?

Ambassadors represent Freedom Firm across the country, enabling more people to bring rescue, restoration and justice to women in India.  In addition to advancing the work of Freedom Firm, Ambassadors receive a beautiful jewelry and a beautiful handicraft made by rescued women.  Every Ambassador chooses a complimentary gift after joining the program, and can choose to participate in Quarterly Challenges for additional opportunities to receive great gifts.  

Freedom Firm staff will support you and offer resources as you raise awareness and bring justice alongside your Ambassador peers doing the same across the country.


How does the Ambassador Program work?

Freedom Firm will send one email to Ambassadors at the start of every month. This email will have a link to an Awareness Blog containing a short video, an encouraging story from India, photos of beautiful handicrafts, and practical ways to promote justice.  The role of Ambassadors is simple….you just commit to share this Monthly Awareness Blog with friends, family, and co-workers in whatever way you prefer: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, e-mail or text.   This will give people in your network the opportunity to promote justice in practical ways.


How long is the Ambassador Program?

The 2020 Ambassador Program begins July 1st and will continue for one year.  This is the first year of the program, and we are excited about how it may develop into the future.


Current Ambassadors


Who should I share with?

We encourage Ambassadors to brainstorm a list of 25 friends (or more!) to share with each month.  It can be helpful to think about different groups of people in your life; who might be interested in your family?  At your work?  In your place of worship?  At your gym?  In your neighborhood?  


How do I explain this new program to my friends?

Here is a brief message you could share with your contacts as you begin the Ambassador program:

One of my favorite non-profit organizations is Freedom Firm.  When I first learned about their efforts to bring rescue, restoration and justice to trafficked women in India, I wanted to be involved.  I recently became a Freedom Firm Ambassador, and I’m so excited for the opportunity to share more about the organization and ways my friends can help fight trafficking with me.  


How do I share the information with my friends?

We want you to share using your preferred communication method.  Each month we will email you a link to the Awareness Blog, and that link will be easy to share on any social media platform!  Below are some ideas of ways to use different communication methods and social media:


  • Open the link to the Awareness Blog

  • Click the 3 dots in the top right corner 

  • Select “Share Post”, then choose the Facebook icon

Group Messaging

  • create a group 

  • send the link to the Awareness Blog each month


  • Download pictures from the email

  • Post multiple pictures at once, or post several times.  

  • Always include the link to the Awareness Blog in your comment.

  • Tag @Freedom_Firm and friends you want to see the post, as well as using #FreedomFirm2020

  • Visit Freedom Firm Instagram page and add their post to your story.



  • Create an email to your list of friends

  • Copy and paste the link to the Awareness Blog

  • Send each month!


Perhaps you can also consider the people on your list and what method of communication they might prefer.  For example, one Ambassador plans to email half of her list and use a group text to share with the others. 


When do I share?

Freedom Firm will email you the link towards the beginning of each month.  Please share the link with your contact list within a week of receiving it.  We want to provide your friends with enough time each month to take action. We also encourage you to post or share reminders throughout the month.


Are there privacy restrictions to follow?

Any information or pictures sent in the awareness email is safe to share. There may be times when we blur a photo of a survivor to protect her identity. 


I have more questions; who do I ask?

The Freedom Firm staff are here to help!  Please email with any questions.


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